Saturday, November 7, 2009

Faux Sure

My last article was about denim leggings. With jeggings, skinny jeans, and colored denim all being hot trends, denim is everywhere right now. Maybe that's why I've recently discovered a new twist on denim: Faux denim. Like jeggings, these are articles of clothing that look like real denim but have a different feel to them. While the concept of wearing fake denim may seem completely bizarre, I actually found some synthetic denim items that I thought were cute. Take a look at some of my faux denim finds below to see what I mean.

Apple Bottoms Faux Denim Jean, $44.40, available in sizes 1/2 and 3/4,

Strapless Knit Jumper, $29.90, available in sizes S-XL,

Faux Denim High-Waist Legging, $42.00, available in sizes XS-L,

Faux Denim High-Waist Skirt, $38.00, available in sizes XS-L,

Faux Denim Zipper-Front Bodysuit, $42.00, available in sizes S-L,

Faux Denim Triangle Bikini Top, $24.00, available in sizes S-L,

Faux Denim Side-Tie Bikini Bottom, $24.00, available in sizes S-L,

Faux Denim Ankle Zip Legging, $7.50, available in sizes S and M,

Faux Denim Colorblock Blazer, $58.00, available in sizes S and M,

Faux Denim Ponte Pencil Skirt, $38.00, available in sizes 2 and 4,

Faux Denim Lace Up Pencil Skirt, $12.50, available in sizes 00 and 2,

Denim Skirt Cami Dress, $24.50, available in sizes M and L,

Sweetheart Tube Dress, $16.99, available in sizes M and L,

Faux Denim Bubble Skirt, $19.50, available in sizes M and L,

Faux Denim Tiered Dress, $24.50, available in sizes S and M,

Silence & Noise Faux Denim Vest, $48.00, available in sizes X-Small-Large,

If you want to try out the faux denim trend, I would advise that you don't pair any fake denim with real denim; It could be too overwhelming. Try wearing some faux denim leggings with a tunic and a pair of slouch boots. To wear faux denim pants, grab a color block top, some cowboy boots, a bib necklace, and a cuff bracelet. Wear a fake denim blazer with a bandage pencil skirt, a white button-down blouse, and a pair of pumps. Pair a synthetic denim vest with a gingham print top, some corduroy pants, and sneakers. To rock a faux denim mini skirt, pair it with some ripped leggings, a rock & roll graphic t-shirt, some hoop earrings, and ballet flats. For a synthetic denim pencil skirt, wear it with an off-the-shoulder top, a pair of neon tights, and some high-heeled oxfords. Wear a fake denim dress with a pair of latex leggings, cutout shoes, and a cardigan. For lounging around at an indoor pool, throw a shirt dress on over your faux denim swimsuit and also add a pair of flip flops. If you have any of your own ideas about what would look good with faux denim, let me know.


Rachel said...

I'm loving that Arden B blazer! It looks fab!

Remy Ma said...

Cool, and why does this say it was made last saturday

Tara said...

Rachel: I'm glad you like the blazer.

Remy Ma: It says that because I started writing it on Saturday. I just didn't publish until today.

Anonymous said...

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Tara said...

I'm sorry, but I'm not really sure how to help you. Maybe someone else here can?

Lilee said...

oooh! i am liking that vest!

beckyxoxo said...

love the high waist skirt one ! the skirts all look great . haha . thanks for sharing !

Tara said...

Lilee: I'm glad you like the vest. I think it's cute too. :)

Beckyxoxo: I'm glad you like all of the skirts.

Allegra said...

love the swimwear!

Tara said...

Hi Allegra! Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog. I'm glad you like the swimwear. :)

gleenn said...

i love the black top, the very first one, and the white long sleeves top. they're very sophisticated yet simple. ;)

Tara said...

I'm glad you like those tops. :)

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