Sunday, November 1, 2009

Skinny Jeans + Leggings = Jeggings

Whether you follow the latest fashion trends or not, one thing is clear to anyone who can see: leggings are H.O.T! As a matter of fact, they have been at the very top of every must-have fashion list for the past few years. A pair of solid knit leggings is now considered a basic wardrobe staple. Quite the change from the beginning of this decade, when leggings were spotted few and far between. So does this mean that leggings are here to stay permanently? Possibly. Only time will tell. But right now, they're definitely not going away anytime soon. Another trend that has been popular for the past few years (even though it hasn't blown up to the extent that leggings have) is the skinny jean. Skinny jeans have been on the must-have lists for a while too (I also believe that this is the best thing that's happened to jeans for us shorter girls). Skinny jeans and leggings have a lot in common. They're both super comfortable, both extremely flattering on us vertically challenged ladies, and both look great when paired with tunic tops, shirt dresses, mini dresses, and oversized tees/sweatshirts. They're also both nice for tucking into slouch or over-the-knee boots. So what's the perfect combination of both fabulous trends? Denim leggings (also known as jeggings)! Jeggings are basically the love child of both trends. They look like your typical pair of skinny jeans but feel more like leggings once you put them on. If you need a visual aid, take a look at my little jegging finds below.

Bubblegum Stretch Legging Jean, $24.90, available in 0-10,

The Legging, $29.90, available in sizes 5-11,

Legging Jean, $39.50, available in sizes 00-14,

Denim Leggings, $59.50, available in sizes 00-18,

Acid Wash Leggings, $20.00, available in sizes SM-XL,

Seamless Leggings, $20.00, available in sizes S/M and M/L,

Daddy Long Legs Denim Leggings, $38.00, shown in black; also available in blue, sizes Small-Large,

Hue Denim Leggings, $28.00, shown in navy; also availab le in black, sizes X Small-X Large,

Denim Legging, $24.50, available in sizes S-L,

Grey Denim Leggings, $16.99, available in sizes SM-LG,

JOLT 4-Way Stretch Pull on Legging, $42.00, available in sizes 1-13,

Mudd Skinny Legging Jeans, $27.99, shown in navy; also available in black, sizes 0-17,

Black Legging, $16.99, available in sizes 3-7,

Black Stitch Legging, $16.99, available in sizes 3-7,

Denim Legging, $12.49, available in sizes 5 and 7,

Fire Stretch Knit Denim Leggings, $10.90, available in sizes Medium and Large,

Grane Electric Stretch Denim Legging, $29.99, shown in indigo; also available in black, sizes 0-13,

Rewind Skinny Legging Jean, $27.99, shown in dark grey; available in denim indigo khaki, sizes 1-13,

Tyte Black Carbon Wash Back Flap Legging, $14.99, available in sizes 1-13,

Tyte Side Rouched Skinny Legging Jean, $19.99, available in sizes 1-13,

Juniors Xhilaration Denim Leggings, $9.99, available in sizes X-Small-XX-Large,

Denim Legging, $49.50, available in sizes 8 and 10,

Legging Denim, $19.50, shown in grey; also available in dark sandblast, rinse, medium sandblast, and black, sizes XS-XL,

For a fun fall look, wear your denim leggings with a shirt dress and a pair of peep-toe booties (or slouch boots during the winter). Another cute look for fall would be pairing jeggings with a 2fer tank dress, a shrug, a cuff bracelet, and some cowboy boots. To look like you borrowed your boyfriends clothes, pair denim leggings with an oversized t-shirt, a boyfriend cardigan, and some sneakers. For Thanksgiving dinner with the family, wear your jeggings with a two-tone tunic, a pair of ballet flats, a bib necklace, and a beret. To dress down a fancy look, wear denim leggings with a sequin mini dress, high-heel shoes, chandelier earrings, and a fringe handbag. This would be a great look for a more casual setting during the holidays and New Year's Eve (in case you're already planning for that). Tell me if you have any more ideas for styling jeggings.


Remy Ma said...


Giselle said...

wow thanks for all the suggestions!

beckyxoxo said...

yup i heard about them a couple times and i don't know whether i will buy them or not . haha . thanks for sharing !

Tara said...

Remy Ma: I'm glad you liked the denim leggings.

Giselle: Hi Giselle! Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog. I'm glad you found my suggestions helpful.

Beckyxoxo: I'm glad you like the article. I don't currently own any jeggings, but I'm definitely thinking about buying a pair soon. I think they're cute. :)

Cursed♪♫ said...

Thanks for your comment :)
You're really very nice.

Tara said...

No problem. :) You're really sweet too! :D

CC said...

I don't like the distressed denim ones, but the plain ones are gorgeous. Can't wait to get myself a pari. :)

Lilee said...

i want some grey ones!

gleenn said...

i love the third look, legging jean. another thing that is important to note here is, this ultra-fitting jeans only work well for well shape bumps, or if not, at least wide hips. otherwise, some blousy or dress-top style should be worn.

Tara said...

CC: I can't wait to get myself a pair either. :)

Lilee: Yeah, the grey jeggings are nice. I'm glad you like them. :)

Gleenn: That's definitely true. Actually, I'm not really a fan of jeggings being worn as actual jeans on anyone in the first place. I think denim leggings look best paired with shirt dresses, mini dresses, and tunic tops. This goes for all body types.

beckyxoxo said...

no problem dear ! thank you for your comment too . can't wait for your next post :)

Rachel said...

The whole jeggings thing seemed weird to me at first. But I definitely want to try a pair from American Eagle!

Tara said...

Beckyxoxo: I'm working on a new post right now. :)

Rachel: I'm glad you like the American Eagle jeggings. I like them too. They are definitely cute. :D

Viva La Fashion said...

i love the name. jeggings. :) i don't own a pair but ive been thinking about it.

Style Bird said...

I love all of the leggings!

Tara said...

Hi Viva La Fashion! Thank you for commenting on my blog. Jeggings is a cool name. I've been thinking about getting a pair too.

Style Bird: I'm glad you like the leggings.

Remy Ma said...

Hello..... When r u going to look at my new posts

Anonymous said...


Hi! Thanks for all the great styling ideas for "jeggings".
I especially like you idea for
dressing down a sequined mini dress.
I have seen it styled a look with
biker jackets, plain T and flats/ boots. Keep all the great ideas coming!:)

Eric said...

I'm surprised that the leggings and skinny jeans trends have been around so long, but it doesn't look like they're going anywhere soon.

Val said...

The BEST selection of leggings I have found are at Hot Hollywood Designz

and on their ebay location:

The people there are fantastic!!

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