Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wild Wild West

If you've been following My Little Fashion Finds since at least February of this year, you might remember my post about slouch boots. Slouch boots were part of the Western-inspired trend that was big during the spring and summer. Since February, I've written articles about fringe, ripped denim , straw and cowboy hats, braided accessories, and shirt dresses (and also about plaid before then). From the looks of things, these trends are not going anywhere this fall. So why not try out another western-inspired trend? In addition to slouch boots, cowboy boots are also in style. If you're planning to be a cowgirl for Halloween, you can wear these cowboy boots as part of your costume. Take a look at my finds below for a pair of cowboy boots that will suit your needs.

Distressed Cowboy Boots, $34.99, shown in taupe; also available in black and brown, sizes 5 1/2-10, charlotterusse.com

Embroidered Cowboy Boots, $42.99, available in sizes 6 and 7, charlotterusse.com

Slouchy Cowboy Boots, $39.99, available in sizes 6-8, charlotterusse.com

Studded Cowboy Boots, $39.99, shown in black; also available in taupe, sizes 7 and 8, charlotterusse.com

Short Cowboy With Grommet Strap, $34.00. available in sizes 6.5-9, mandee.com

Charles Albert Cowboy Womens Boots, $39.99, shown in tan; also available in black, sizes 6.5-10 (black not available in 6.5), tillys.com

Charles Albert Short Cowboy Womens Boots, $29.99, availab le in sizes 6.5-9, tillys.com

Qupid Muse Women's Boots, $34.99, available in sizes 6.5-10, tillys.com

Cowboy Boot, $44.50, shown in cognac; also available in brown, sizes 6-10, wetseal.com

Cowboy Harness Boot, $39.50, available in sizes 6-8, wetseal.com

Metallic Cowboy Boot, $42.50, shown in gold; also available in silver, sizes 6-10, wetseal.com

Short Cowboy Boot, $32.50, shown in brown; also available in black, sizes 6-10, wetseal.com

Decree 'Jordan' Cowboy Boot, $54.99, available in sizes 6-11, jcpenney.com

If you're dressing up as a cowgirl this Halloween, wear your cowboy boots with a pair of ripped jeans or a destroyed denim skirt, a plaid button-down shirt or plaid shirt dress, a braided belt, a fringe bag, and a straw or cowboy hat. If you don't feel like dressing up this Halloween but still want to join in the fun, pair some cowboy boots with some skinny jeans (tuck the bottom of your jeans in the boots) and a cold shoulder top. You can also wear your boots with a 2fer tank dress, a shrug (article on shrugs coming soon), and a pair of tights or leggings. The latter 2 looks can also be worn any time of the year that isn't Halloween. Tell me if you have any other ideas for trendy accessories you can incoperate into Halloween costumes or Halloween costume accessories you can incoperate into everyday wear.


Remy Ma said...

Nice boots

P.s. I miss Dibsy
P.s.s. Check one of ur emails. I send you an author mail

The Redhead Fashionista said...

Love these boots!

Tara said...

Remy Ma: I saw you e-mail and responded to it under the "Teen Vogue Fall Fashion Picks" post (The post before this one). Right now, I don't really have time to contribute to any blogs except my own (and I may even get too busy for my blog soon). I'm sorry. But I'll let you know if my schedule gets a little less crazy in the future.

I'm glad you like the boots.

I miss seeing Dibsy around here too. She's been one of my most loyal readers for a while.

Little Red: I'm glad you like these boots.

Style Bird said...

Great boots..love the wet seal short boots.

Tara said...

I'm glad you like the short boots from Wet Seal. I think they're cute too.

Cursed♪♫ said...

I love Boots :D

Tara said...

I'm glad you like the boots. I love boots too. :)

Dibsy said...

I missed you, too, Tara... :[

And boots are always in. xD

Tara said...

Yep, boots are always in style. Especially for the fall and winter. :)

gleenn said...

i love boots, really. i'll take the "Short Cowboy With Grommet Strap" for me. ;)

Tara said...

I'm glad you like the boots. I like the boots with the grommet strap too. I especially like the studs on the strap. I love studs!

gleenn said...

i like both the Faux Denim top and bottom, very sexy. great finds once again ;)

Tara said...

I'm glad you like the faux denim. :)

Colleen Jones said...

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