Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Run In Your Stockings

Even though it's Summer now, are you finding it difficult to give up your leggings that you were wearing during the cold Winter days? Well, you may not have to. Leggings are definitely not going anywhere as far as trends go. However, the hot July weather might make it harder to wear them right now. But there is a solution to this dilemma. It seems that the shredded denim trend has spread over to leg wear. So now you can just rip up your leggings with a cheese grater or a pair of scissors and thus will be able to wear them no matter how hot it gets. The holes in your leg wear should keep you from sweating like crazy. Also, don't throw away any of your tights that have a run in them. Just add more! If you can't stand the thought of destroying your own leggings, then don't worry about it. You can wear pre-ripped leg wear this Summer instead. Take a look at some of these styles below.

Destroyed Ankle Legging, $28.00,

Cutout Seamless Legging, $39.00, available in sizes Small-Large,

Ripped Seamless Legging, $24.00, shown in graphite; also availabe in black, sizes Petite/Small and Medium/Large,

Slashed Side Leggings, $39.00, available in sizes Medium and Large,

Black Hand Cut Pothole Thigh Highs, $8.00,

Allover Rips Tears Legging, $10.49, available in sizes S-L,

Side Rips Legging, $14.00, available in sizes S-L,

Silence & Noise Cutout Leggings, $34.00, available in sizes X-Small-Large,

Silence & Noise Shredded Leggings, $28.00, shown in black; also available in deepest black, sizes available in sizes Small-Large,

Seamless Holes Legging, $18.50,

Seamless Rip Legging, $14.50, available in sizes XS/S and M/L,

Free People Black Ripped Cropped Leggings, $48.00, available in sizes X Small-Large,

To look like a rock star, wear these leggings with a destroyed denim miniskirt, a Rock & Roll graphic t-shirt, a rhinestone belt, some hoop earrings, and a pair of studded shoes. For a grunge-inspired look, wear your ripped leggings with a plaid shirt dress and a pair of sneakers. To add a tough edge to a feminine look, pair these leggings with a shift dress or tunic top with girly details such as ruffles or butterfly prints, some ballet flats, and a flower hair accessory. For a fun Summer look, wear your destroyed leggings with shorts, a tank top, and a pair of flip flops. I hope my fashion finds and tips will make it easier for you to wear leggings throughout the Summer. If you know of any other Winter trends that can be carried over to these hotter days, tell me about it. E-mail me at or contact me on myspace.


Dibsy said...

oh. that's what a crop top is. :O

Tara said...

Yeah, that's what Britney and Christina used to wear back in 1999/2000. I wonder if they'll start sporting crop tops again now that they're back in style?