Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's In The Bag

One major must-have item we all need to go back to school with is a great bag. We all need a bag to carry books, highlighters, pens, and many other essentials in. And of course we want our bags to be stylish. But what type of bag should you carry? Do you want to be trendy with a tote or old-school with a backpack; or are you more of a messenger? Well whatever your style is, I have a few suggestions below.

Packing It In:

Hello Kitty Backpack, $12.00,

Split Doodle Hearts Backpack, $46.50,

Dickies Blue and Black Checkered Backpack, $14.99,

Dickies Red and Black Checkered Backpack, $14.99,

Dickies Heart Burst Backpack, $14.99,

Dickies Starburst Backpack, $14.99,

Dickies Pink Safety Pin Backpack, $14.99,

Dickies Purple and Black Houndstooth Backpack, $14.99,

Nintendo The Legend Of Zelda Triforce Backpack, $24.00,

Sugar Hooker Diamond Backpack, $14.99,

Yak Pak Connect The Dot Backpack, $14.99,

Yak Pak Neon Water Gun Backpack, $14.99,

Jansport SuperBreak Backpack, $24.99,

Dickies Star Backpack, $15.99,

Fiddle Dee Pink Backpack, $39.50,

Fiddle Dee Plaid Backpack, $39.50,

Got A Tatt Backpack, $46.50,

My Groove Backpack, $38.00,

Off Shore Backpack, $36.00,

Splash Backpack, $38.00,

Crazy Dots Backpack, $46.50,

Printed Back Pack, $15.00, shown in pink/argyle; also available in yellow/tattoo, fuchsia/tattoo, black/stars, hot pink/stripes, grey/stripes, lime/butterflies, and brown/hearts,

Just A Messenger:

3-Pin Messenger Bag, $24.99, shown in sandstone; also available in earth,

Floral Print Messenger Bag, shown in deep burgundy; also available in navy, $9.99,

Metallic Messenger Bag, $14.99,

Crochet Messenger Bag, $18.99,

Plaid Messenger Bag, $19.99, shown in red/black; also available in brown combo,

Abigail Cord Messenger, $26.50,

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Messenger Bag, $24.00,

Nintendo Controller Messenger Bag, $24.00,

Marais 'My Fave Jeans' Crossbody Bag, $32.00,

Xhilaration Glitter Mini Messenger Bag in black, $14.99,

Xhilaration Glitter Mini Messenger Bag in blue, $14.99,

Xhilaration Glitter Mini Messenger Bag in fuchsia, $14.99,

Xhilarartion Messenger Bag in black/multicolor, $16.99,

Xhilaration Messenger Bag in fuschia, $16.99,

Xhilaration Messenger Bag in white/black, $16.99,

Printed Messenger Bag, $15.00, shown in yellow/tattoo; also available in lime/hearts, brown/butterfly, black/stars, and olive/flowers,

Toting Around:

Kate Striped Tote, $14.99, shown in navy; also available in deep burgundy and dark straw,

Rugby Stripe Tote, $14.99, shown in ali green; also available in golden star and fuschia pop,

AE Adjustable Tote, $19.95, shown in yellow; also available in black,

Plaid Tote, $19.99, shown in yellow combo; also available in turquoise combo and red/black,

Shadow Face Tote, $12.99,

Studded Peace Tote, $14.99,

Foster's Character Tote, $16.00,

I Like Chocolate Milk Tote, $16.00,

Peace Tote, $16.00,

Cute Is What We Aim For Anchor Tote, $19.99,

Emily The Strange Bones Tote, $24.99,

Go Green Think Tote, $14.99,

Hello Kitty Fortune Tote, $30.00,

Hello Kitty I (Sunglasses) HK Tote, $44.00,

Floral Tote, $15.00,

Geometric Floral Tote, $15.00,

JanSport Classic Hearts Tote, $11.99,

JanSport Classic Zebra Tote, $11.99,

Striped Tote, $15.00,

Royal Love Patchwork Owl Tote, $21.00,

Royal Love Patchwork "Social Butterfly" Tote, $21.00,

Grommet Peace Tote, $12.00, shown in purple; also available in black and teal,

I hope these bags I found are functional and fashionable enough to help you get through the school year and carry all of your belongings. If there are any other styles of bags you can carry to school that I don't have up here, let me know. E-mail me at or send me a message on myspace. I hope everyone has a great first day back and I wish you all the best of luck this year!