Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hats Off To Summer

Summer may be winding down, but it is still as hot as ever outside on Long Island. This means going out in the sun during the day requires protection such as SPF Sunscreen, sunglasses, and the main focus of this article; a hat! Of course, you're not going to want to wear any of the thick wool or knitted hats that you were wearing during the winter in this brutal heat. So, I have found some hats that are appropriate to wear during the warmer weather. Straw hats and cowboy hats are perfect for the summer. They protect against the sun and fit in with the western-inspired trend. Floppy hats are also great for the summer and give off a cool vintage vibe. I will be featuring all these styles below.

The Last Straw:

Enroelin, $12.90, available in sizes S/M and M/L,

Scandriglia, $14.98, available in sizes S/M and M/L,

Mission Fedora, $16.50, shown in tan; also available in black,

Coral Skies Hat, $19,95,

Cross-Stitched Sunhat, $19.95,

Farm Bounty Hat, $49.95,

Field & Forest Hat, $19.95,

Plaid Straw Fedora, $24.00, shown in brown; also available in black,

Woven Fedora, $24.00,

San Diego Hat Company Paper/Straw Fedora, $27.00,

Straw Fedora, $6.49,

Amanda Straw Hat, $22.50,

Sunny Day Hat, $29.99,

Kirra Havana Straw Fedora, $16.50, shown in black; also available in natural, sizes S/M and M/L,

Kirra Tanzania Straw Fedora, $16.50, available in sizes S/M and M/L,

Asymmetrical Straw Fedora Hat, $34.00, shown in grey/black; also available in natural/black,

Plaid Straw Fedora, $28.00,

Spillane Straw Fedora, $28.00,

Straw Bow Cloche, $24.99,

Straw Feather Cloche, $28.00, shown in grey; also available in natural,

To get a western-inspired look, pair a straw hat with a plaid button-down shirt, a pair of ripped jeans, a braided belt, and some fringe shoes. For a boho-chic look, wear this hat with peasant top, a maxi skirt, a feather necklace, bangles, some wedge espadrilles, and a hobo bag. If you're going for vintage, wear a straw hat with a peasant dress, some lacey tights, pumps, a pearl necklace, and a sequin handbag.

Ride 'Em Cowgirl:

Cowboy Hat, $5.99,

Fab Straw Cowgirl Hat, $5.50,

Feather Trim Cowgirl Hat, $10.80,

Spotted Feather Cowgirl Hat, $10.80,

Valley Straw Hat, $10.80,

Camouflage Print Cowgirl Hat, $16.90,

Cowboy Sequin Hat, $18.70, shown in silver; also available in white,

Fringed Flower Cowgirl Hat, $26.00,

Perforated Stone Trim Cowgirl Hat, $20.80, shown in ivory; also available in black and tan,

Zebra Cowboy Hat, $24.70,

Straw Cowboy Hat, $49.50, available in sizes SM and LXL,

Cowboy W/ Feather Band, $14.00,

Straw Cowboy W/ Beads, $14.00,

Flower Cowboy Hat, $24.99,

Peter Grimm Maverick Cowboy Hat, $19.99,

Straw Cowboy Womens Hat, $12.99,

For a cute cowgirl chic look, wear this hat with a destroyed denim skirt, a plaid shirt, fringe shoes, and a braided belt. For a day at the beach, wear a cowboy hat with your favorite swimsuit, a romper, and a pair of flip flops. For a vintage look, wear your cowboy hat with a maxi dress, a pair of pumps, and a lightweight scarf.

A Summer Flop:

Oversized Floppy Hat, $38.00,

Floppy Straw Hat, $12.99,

Floppy Felt Hat, $16.99,

Groovy Shapes Floppy Hat, $18.80, shown in purple/fuchsia; also available red/orange,

Belize Sun Hat, $19.95,

Sunshine Daydream Floppy Hat, $29.95,

We The Free Flour Floppy Hat, $29.95,

Terry Malibu Hat, $65.00, shown in martinique (hot pink); also available in window seat (light blue),

Charter Club Floppy Solid Braid Hat, $21.99, shown in natural; also available in white,

Charter Club Ribbon Crown Floppy Hat, $24.99,

Ribbon Floppy W/Tie, $14.00,

Curve Straw Hat, $14.99,

Heart Flop Hat, $14.99, shown in brown; also available in natural,

Lands' End Straw Floppy Hat, $19.99, shown seaglass green; also available in daylily orange,

Xhilaration Floppy Print Hat, $14.99,

Felt Floppy with Lacing, $38.00,

Kimchi Blue Straw Ribbon Floppy, $28.00,

For a vintage vibe, wear a floppy hat with a polka dot dress, some pumps, a bow headband, and a pearl bracelet. At the beach or a pool party, pair a floppy hat with your favorite bathing suit, a romper, and flip flops. For a barbeque, wear this hat with a sun dress, some wedge espadrilles, and a bib necklace.

I hope my summer hat finds will help you fight off the glaring sun for the remainder of these hot summer days. I also hope you have fun trying out my styling tips with these hats. If you can think of any other fun hats to wear during the summer, e-mail me at or contact me on myspace.


Little Red said...

I never wear hats because I always feel like they look goofy on me! Haha. But I love these! It definitely makes me want to get a hat before the summer is over!

Tara said...

I love hats and have a huge collection of all types of different hats! I just find them fun to play with. I'm glad you like the ones I posted. If you want to try wearing a hat before the summer ends, go for it! You never know. It might look better than you think it does. :)

Dibsy said...

I don't wear hats much but these are cute!!! ^^ Hats tend to mess my hair up though... D:

Tara said...

I'm glad you like the hats I posted. I understand what you mean about hats messing up your hair. I've had that problem too (it depends on the type of hat though). Although if I'm already having a bad hair day, a hat can sometimes save it by covering my hair up. It also helps in the rain (I straighten my hair so I try to keep it from getting wet).

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Floppy Straw Hat said...

Straw hats and cowboy hats are perfect for the summer. They protect against the sun and fit in with the western-inspired trend. Floppy hats are ...

Luke Forsyth said...
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Luke Forsyth said...

I do wear cowgirl hats when I just feel like wearing it.

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