Saturday, August 22, 2009

Stylish School Bags

Last August, I wrote an article about different types of bags you can carry to school. I listed different backpacks, messenger bags, and totes that you can use as your new school bag. Well it's a new school year now and everyone who's going back is is most likely going to need a new bag for this year as well (I know I do). So, I'm going to feature some bags that fit in with this year's trends (same types of bags from last year though). Take a look at my little school bag finds below.

Pack It Up:

Dickies Black And White Checker Backpack, $19.99,

Dickies Lime And Black Checkered Backpack, $19.99,

Dickies Multicolor Heart Backpack, $19.99,

Dickies Music Note, $19.99,

Dickies Pink And Turquoise Leopard Backpack, $19.99,

JanSport Big Student Argyle Backpack, $39.99,

JanSport Big Student Grunge Back, $39.99,

JanSport Big Student Zoot Suit Backpack, $39.99,

JanSport SuperBreak Checkered Backpack, $29.99,

JanSport SuperBreak Dots Backpack, $29.99,

JanSport SuperBreak Floral Peace Sign Backpack, $29.99,

JanSport SuperBreak Heart Backpack, $29.99,

JanSport SuperBreak Plaid Backpack, $29.99,

JanSport SuperBreak Tree Flower Backpack, $29.99,

JanSport SuperBreak Colorblock Backpack, $29.99,

JanSport Super G Argyle Backpack, $29.99,

Mudd "Love Rocks" Backpack, $21.99,

Mudd Watersign Backpack, $21.99,

Dakine Eden Cheetah Backpack, $39.50,

Don't Shoot The Messenger:

Basic Messenger Bag, $25.00, shown in wood; also available in clay and black,

Built-Up Messenger Bag, $30.00, shown in dark straw; also available in navy,

AE Campus Messenger Bag, $39.50, shown in purple marker; also available in blue stripe and chalk,

Alanna Buff-Check Messenger Bag, $29.60, shown in white; also available in purple,

Brittany Cinched Messenger, $24.99,

Marvel Comic Strip Messenger, $30.00,

Twilight Cast Messenger Bag, $39.00,

Arizona Button Pocket Messenger, $25.99,

Arizona Web Messenger, $25.99, shown in purple; also available in khaki,

High Sierra Tank Plaid Messenger Backpack, $26.99,

JanSport Elefunk Argyle Messenger Backpack, $49.99,

JanSport Elefunk Plaid Messenger Backpack, $49.99,

JanSport Elefunk Tree Flower Messenger Backpack, $49.99,

Duo Pop-Retro Vinyl Mini Messenger Bag, $49.00,

Target Khaki Messenger Bag With Adjustable Strap, $33.99,

Ed Hardy Leo Messenger Bag, $59.99,

Fashion Express Wash N Dry Messenger, $26.99,

Buffalo Plaid Messenger Bag, $24.99,

Kimichi Blue Canvas Messenger, $58.00,

Tote Of The Town:

Anchor Tote, $8.49,

Abbey Dawn Striped Tote, $14.99,

Eco Tote Birds, $6.98,

Eco Tote Techno, $3.48,

Xhilaration Graffiti Print Tote, $10.00,

Barbie Tote, $29.00,

Blossome Tote, $10.00,

Checkered Star Tote, $10.00,

Houndstooth Tote, $10.00,

Kitty Buffalo Plaid Tote, $16.50,

Magenta Checker Tote, $10.00,

Magenta Plaid Tote, $10.00,

Multi Mod Dot Tote, $10.00,

Neon Kitty Tote, $16.50,

Polka Dot Tote, $10.00,

Puzzle Piece Tote, $10.00,

Save The Planet Tote, $10.00,

Steel Houndstooth Tote, $10.00,

Tink Star Tote, $16.50,

I hope the school bags I found are sturdy and stylish enough to help get you through the whole school year and carry your essentials. I'm still searching for the perfect school bag myself, so let me know which of the bags above you like best (I'd prefer a tote or messenger bag over a backpack). Also, tell me if there are any other types of bags you can carry to school that you would like to see me post here. E-mail me at or write a message to me on myspace.


Little Red said...

Cute bags! Love the Hello Kitty one!

Tara said...

I like the Hello Kitty bag too (both the plaid one and the neon one). $16.50 is a little out of my price range though. Hopefully, I'll save up enough before school starts so I can buy one of these bags.

Dibsy said...

-cry- I have no money. :'( Guess I'll have to stick to the same ugly worn backpack from elem. school. >.<

Tara said...

I have no money either, so I sympathize with you. I'm still hoping to save up enough before school starts so I can get a new bag for this year. The tote I used last year is falling apart and I'm really afraid one of the straps is going to break off if I overload it with heavy books (and the books I have to buy and often bring to class tend to be pretty heavy).

CC said...

They're so cute!


Cursed♪♫ said...

Nice bags. I liked the hello kitty one too!!!
Although my schools started long no bag shopping now!
I'm better now. No more fever! Thanks for your wishes :D

Tara said...

CC: I'm glad you like the bags I posted.

Cursed: I'm glad you like the bags. I go back to school next week. I'm glad you're feeling better and that your fever went away. :)

FabBlab said...

So adorable! Love the blues!

Tara said...

I'm glad you like the blue bags. :)

ullash said...

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