Monday, July 20, 2009

Arm Candy

Continuing with the Summer of 2009's statement jewelry trend, I'm going to write about bangle bracelets this time. Bangles are traditionally worn in India and Pakistan as a symbol of matrimony. Well, right now they're a hot trend and you don't even have to be married to wear them! If you're wondering what bangles look like, they are inflexible (unlike most bracelets) and usually round. There are bangles that are thick and chunky. The chunky kind are usually worn alone. There are also thinner bangles. The thinner ones are often sold in sets and the sets are typically worn stacked on the wrist. I must say, this is my favorite current jewelry trend (I like to wear my bangles stacked on both of my wrists). If you're still not sure what bangles look like, take a look at the images of these amazing bracelets below.

Bangle Apple Braclets, $12.99, shown in red; also available in black, yellow, and orange,

Matte Black Bangle Bracelet 12 Pack, $8.00,

Rainbow Bangle Bracelets 5 Pack, $8.00,

Etched Bangle, $18.00,

Hermatite Hinge Bangle Bracelet, $18.00,

Abbey Dawn Silver-Tone Bangle Bracelet Set, $9.80,

Candie's Jet-Tone Zebra Bangle Bracelet, $14.00,

Mudd Wooden Bangle Bracelet, $9.80,

Chain Bangle, $17.00, shown in dark grey; also available in silver and gold,

Beaded Multi Bangles, $8.00,

Circle Charm Bangle, $6.00,

Metal Bangles, $8.00,

Multi Bangles Black Silver, $10.00,

Multi Bangles Turquoise, $14.00,

Multi Hammered Bangle, $10.00,

Multi Stone Texture Bangle, $10.00, shown in black; also available in clear,

Painted Zigzag Bangle, $8.00,

Very Extreme Multi Bangle, $10.00,

Women's Metal Bangles, $7.00, shown in gold plated; also available in silver metal,

Heart and Flame Bangle Bracelet, $11.89,

Apostophe Lucite Bangle, $4.79,

Personal Identity Multicolor Bangles, $3.59,

Personal Identity Multi Shade Pink Shades, $3.59,

Hollywood Intuition Bracelet Set, $9.99,

Hollywood Intuition Mixed Media Bracelet, $9.99,

Merona Chunky Carved Bangle Bracelet, $9.99,

Merona Faux Pearl Hinged Bracelet, $9.99,

Merona Orange Seed Bead Bangle Bracelet, $5.98,

Xhilaration Square Cut-Out Bangle Bracelet Set, $9.99,

20 Piece Textured Bangle Set, $6.00,

Animal Print Bangle, $6.00, shown in fuchsia; also available in purple,

Buffalo Plaid Bangle, $6.00, shown in red; also available in white,

Flower Dot Bangle, $7.00,

Interlocked Bangle, $6.00, shown in gold; also available in silver,

Mesh Bangle Set, $7.00,

Metal Braided Bangle, $8.00, shown in gold, also available in silver,

Perforated Bangle, $6.00,

Snake Skin Bangle, $5.00,

Wire Wrap Bangle, $7.00, shown in gold; also available in silver,

Lace Bangle, $6.00,

Ilene Flower Bangle, $5.80,

Arcylic Metal Bangle Set, $5.80, shown in black/silver; al;so available in cream/gold,

To get a bohemian look, pair one (or more) of these gorgeous bracelets with a peasant top, a ripped denim skirt or a maxi skirt, and an oversized handbag. Another bohemian style you can try out is pairing your bangle(s) with a maxi dress or a peasant dress, some wedge espadrilles, a hobo bag, and feather earrings. For a casual day of hanging out with your friends, wear these bangles with a romper and some sneakers. For a modern hippie look, wear some bangle bracelets with a tie-dyed shirt, a pair of ripped or bleached jeans, and flip flops. For a fun Summer look wear your bangle bracelet(s) with a necklace top, a pair of shorts, hoop earrings, and some gladiator sandals. If you have any more suggestions for how to wear bangles or see any other statement jewelry that you would like me to write about, e-mail me at or contact me on myspace.


Dibsy said...

I LOVE the apple one (the first one) so much... :O

Tara said...

I'm glad you like the apple bangles. I thought they were cute too (I wish I owned them, actually). :)

Dibsy said...

In my dreams I would get that one. D:

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