Friday, January 22, 2010

Bell Of The Ball

As mentioned in my previous post, it's time to bundle up. This means going out in a coat, gloves, a scarf, and a hat. Last winter, I wrote about wearing fedoras and berets to help keep your head warm in the cold. This winter, I'm going to write about cloche hats. What are cloche hats, you may be asking? They are hats that are shaped like bells (in fact, the the word "cloche" means bell in french) which were extremely popular during the 1920's. Cloche hats were worn by flapper girls in the 1920's and the flapper girl look is still going strong in 2010. If you're going to wear one of these hats though, you should be aware that there is no elastic inside them. This means that these hats will go flying right off your head on a windy day, so I would suggest only wearing a cloche when the winds aren't so high. For high winds, you're better off sticking with berets; which have elastic and won't fly off so easily. Otherwise, a cloche is perfect for keeping warm and protecting your hair from the snow and/or rain. Take a look at some of the cute cloche hats I found online below.

Asymmetrical Wool Cloche Hat, $19.99,

Angora Cloche, $9.99,

Pinwheel Trim Cloche, $12.80,

Chic Wool Cloche, $13.80,

Fashion Wool Cloche,$11.80,

Felt Floral Cloche Hat, $14.80, shown in navy; also available in black,

Kangol Furgora Cloche, $40.60,

Bow Tie Felt Cloche Hat, $16.99,

Linen Bow Cloche, $24.99,

Trixie Melton Cloche, $14.99,

Trixie Melton Cloche with Flower, $14.99,

Tuscany Asymetric Satin Cloche, $34.99, shown in fuchsia; also available in amethyst,

Tuscany Cloche With Satin Feather, $34.99, shown in green; also available in gray and rose,

Tuscany Sinnamay/Straw Cloche, $46.20,

Tuscany Textured Satin Cloche, $34.99, shown in burgundy; also available in black,

Tuscany Velvet Cloche, $34.99,

Tuscany Metallic Cloche, $42.00, shown in gold/brown; also available in white/silver,

Sierra Cloche with Ribbon Trim and Stones, $24,99,

Jaclyn Smith Chenille Crochet Cloche Hat, $8.99, shown in purple; also available in black, potting soil, and pristine,

Tuscany Cloche With Large Flower, $34.99,

Merona Collection Tweed Cloche, $14.99,

Mossimo Felt Cloche with Fetaher, $14.99,

Applique Cloche, $29.99, shown in ivory; also available in cobalt,

Deena & Ozzy Stud Cloche, $9.99,

Kimchi Blue Bow Felt Cloche, $14.99,

Pins And Needles Felt Cloche, $19.99,

Pins And Needles Ruffled Cloche, $14.99,

Pins and Needles Feather Cloche, $9.99,

EEK! by Eugenia Kim Metallic Starburst Cloche, $9.99,

Rosette Cloche Hat, $12.99,

For a trendy winter look to wear outdoors, pair your cloche hat with some gloves, a bomber jacket, and an infinity scarf. To get the look of a flapper girl, wear your cloche with a fringe dress, a faux pearl necklace, a sequin handbag, and a pair of pumps. For a vintage vibe, wear this hat with an off-the-shoulder sweater dress, some lace tights, a bib necklace, a faux pearl bracelet, and a pair of ballet flats. To wear a cloche hat in the spring/summer, pair it with a floral print sundress, a braided necklace, some bangle bracelets, and a pair of flip flops. Let me know if you have any of your own styling tips or see any other winter hats you want me to blog about.


Style Bird said...

I love all of the hats! So many great ones.

Sher said...

Oh I've yet to own a cloche! I've been wanting one since I saw Changeling:)


Tara said...

Style Bird: I'm glad you like the hats I picked out.

Sher: Yeah, the hat Angelina Jolie wore in that movie was definitely cute.

Viva La Fashion said...

these hats kind of remind me of the hats that blair wore a couple times in gossip girl. kind of random. sorry. :)

Tara said...

Yeah, I actually remember Blair wearing a cloche hat in the 3rd season premiere. I thought her hat was cute. You know it's definitely a big trend when it's worn on Gossip Girl. :)

Rachel said...

I've never worn hats because I always thought they looked weird on me. But I love these! Definitely need to try some out!

Tara said...

I'm glad you like these hats. You should definitely try one on. Even if you don't like the way other hats look on you, you might actually like the way these look. You never know. :)