Saturday, January 16, 2010

Infinite Possibilities

As I've mentioned before in my most recent posts, the weather in NY has been below freezing as of late. Since I have to commute to work by bus, this can be torture when waiting around at the bus stop for a long period of time. I'm also going back to school in another week and will have to take some long walks between classes to get from building to building (yeah, it's a big campus). So I'm going to have to bundle up in the full works. A jacket, a hat, gloves, and of course, a scarf! Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I have a huge love for scarves. They are one of my favorite accessories and I've even been seen wearing them during the summer. So naturally, I got excited as soon as I heard about this winter's newest scarf trend: The Infinity Scarf (also known as the eternity scarf, circle scarf, loop scarf, and endless scarf). In case you're wondering what this scarf that goes by many different names is, it's a scarf that has both ends of it sewn together so that it looks like one big endless circle or loop. It will definitely get the job of keeping you warm throughout the winter done and will have you looking extremely stylish in this brutal weather all at the same time. Take a look at my endless scarf finds below:

Ombre Eternity Scarf, $9.99, shown in bright rose; also available in brown,

Stripe Eternity Scarf, $14.00,

Echo "Sparkle" Infinity Ring Scarf, $48.00,

Echo Double Infinity Scarf, $48.00, shown in regal purple; also available in black,

Echo Single Infinity Scarf, $45.00,

Ciara Eternity Scarf, $24.50, shown in turquoise; also available in brown and navy,

Ruched Cut-Out Infinity Scarf, $15.60,

Teal And Black Eternity Scarf, $9.99,

Crinkled Loop Scarf, $19.99, shown in black; also available in bently brown,

Piper & Blue Solid Color Jersey Infinity Scarf, $6.99, shown in raspberry rose; also available in black onyx, surf the web, and core white,

Mudd Fringed Eternity Scarf, $13.20, shown in chocolate; also available in dark heather gray,

Mudd Rugby-Striped Eternity Scarf, $13.20,

Mudd Shredded Eternity Scarf, $13.20,

Echo Bamboo & Lurex Loop, $48.00, shown in aqua; also available in black and coral,

Glitter Endless Loop Scarf, $12.00,

Leopard Print Eternity Scarf in midtone, $12.00,

Leoprad Print Eternity Scarf in neutral, $12.00,

Don't Leave Me Stranded Circle Scarf, $49.99,

In The Loop Scarf in Russet, $$19.99,

Rorschach Scarf, $24.99,

Twisted Sister Scarf, $24.99, shown in purple; also available in black,

Solid Infinite Scarf in olive, $14.99,

Solid Infinite Scarf in salmon, $14.99,

Solid Infinite Scarf in black, $14.99,

Infinity Lurex Scarf, $30.00,

Knit Eternity Scarf, $33.75,

Deena & Ozzy Abstract Eternity Scarf, $34.00,

Deena & Ozzy Eternity Scarf, $14.99,

Marled Eternity Scarf, $9.99,

Destroyed Eternity Scarf, $19.99, shown in black; also available in ivory and plum blue,

Burnout Eternity Scarf, $5.99,

Leopard Eternity Scarf, $6.99,shown in fuchsia; also available in blue,

Ribbed Eternity Scarf, $8.50,

Not only does the eternity scarf go by various names, it can be worn several different ways as well. You can wear a circle scarf loosely draped around your neck (like a cowl neck) or you can wrap it around your neck to wear it tightly (like a turtleneck; the amount of times you have to wrap it depends on how long the scarf is). The latter is a great way to wear this scarf when it's cold as wearing it snug around your neck will provide extra warmth. If you don't feel like wearing a hat or a hood, the loop scarf can double as both a scarf and a hood. For a formal event such as a dance or prom, the infinitey scarf can also be worn as a wrap over your dress. To wear an eternity scarf during the spring/summer, pair it with a solid colored t-shirt or tank top, a simple pair of jeans, and some sneakers. Be sure to wear a circle scarf in a loose drape on warm days so that you're not too hot. If you have any other ideas for how to wear this scarf, let me know.


Rachel said...

Seriously, I want every single one of these scarves! Great selection! :)

Tara said...

I'm glad you like the scarves I picked out. I want all of them too! :)