Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bling Bling

Since I already wrote about sequins and studs, I thought I should write an article about rhinestones as well. Rhinestones actually provide the best qualities of both embellishments. They're tough like studs, yet glamorous like sequins. While it is pretty easy to confuse rhinestone and studs at first glance, they're actually different. While studs are usually metal and look like nails, rhinestones are jewels and tend to sparkle more than studs do. I'll show you some more examples of rhinestones below:

Bling Wings Graphic T, $24.50, shown in petunia; also available in aqua, sugar, bleach, lime, and black, sizes xxsmall-xxlarge,

Hello Kitty Rhinestone Belt, $10.99, shown in pink; also available in silver, sizes S/M and M/L,

Rhinestone Filigree Earrings, $4.00,

Rhinestone Wire Wrapped Hoops, $4.00,

Ruby Boot Cut Jeans, $38.99, available in sizes 3-7,

Satin Rhinestone Stilettos, $24.99, shown in purple; also available in black, sizes 6-10,

Zebra Heart Necklace, $6.99,

Rhinestone Bracelet, $14.50,

Rhinestone Headband, $14.00,

Rhinestone Hoop Earrings, $9.00,

Rhinestone Turtle Earrings, $6.00,

Rhinestone Wrap in Chain Hoops, $14,50,

Triple Rhinestone Headband, $14.50,

Guitar Rhinestone Tee, $9.99, available in sizes medium and large,

Faceted Rhinestone Bracelet, $3.80, shown in dark grey; also available in black,

Jeweled Geisha Top, $22.80, available in sizes Small and Medium,

Dazzle Jeweled Ring, $8.80, available in sizes 6 and 7,

Jeweled Chain Maille Necklace, $10.80,

Jeweled Flower Compact, $7.80,

Burnout W/ Rhinestone Eagle, $28.00, available in sizes S-L,

Rectangle Rhinestone Purple Band, $18.00,

Rhinestone Cuff Glove, $2.40,

Rhinestone Trim Scarf, $4.20,

Metaphor Pearl and Rhinestone Comb. Silverplate, $20.00,

Golden Rose Vintage Tee, $12.99, available in sizes X-Small-XX-Large,

Rhinestone Flower Ring, $6.00, shown in gold; also available in silver, sizes 6 and 7,

Rhinestone Knit Cabby, $5.99,

Rhinestone Raised Pave Ring, $36.00,

Bling Tote, $29.50,

Sally, $39.99, shown in silver; also available in gold and black, sizes 5-12,

Low Key, shown in black; also available in cream, sizes 5-9 (cream only available in 5),

For a DIY project, buy a pack of rhinestones and some fabric glue from a crafts store, grab a plain pair of jeans or plain t-shirt (or any other plain item you can get your hands on!) and glue on as many rhinestones as you desire. You can also use a bedazzler on your clothes. Another fun idea I have for rhinestones is a way to spice up your usual mani-pedi routine. Paint your fingernails and/or toenails with your favorite nail polish. Then, while your nails are still wet, stick one rhinestone on each nail. Then, of course, wait for your nails to dry with the rhinestones attached. I once did this a while ago and my friends all thought it was really cool. If you want to try this out too, I suggest that you don't use glitter nail polish since you'll want the rhinestones to stand out as much as possible (I used plain red nail polish). Also, for the manicure, you might want to paint your nails and attach the rhinestones on one hand first, then wait a little while for your nails to dry before starting on the other hands. That way, you won't have to worry about any rhinestones falling off in the process. Of course, this can only be done if you aren't pressed for time. This type of mani-pedi would also be fun to do at a sleepover with the girls. I hope you've enjoyed this article and found my tips helpful. If you'd would like me to post any of your crafts or mani-pedis involving rhinestones in this blog, let me know. E-mail all pictures and links to me at Have fun!


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