Thursday, February 12, 2009

Star Studded Style

With metallics, sequins, and "punk princess" looks being big trends, it's no surprise that studs are in style too. Studs are a lot like sequins, only with a tougher feel to them. They're the perfect way to add an edgy feel to an otherwise plain outfit. For those of you who are into crafts, I have a fun DIY project for you. Buy a pack of studs and some fabric glue from stores like Michaels or Jo-Ann Fabrics, grab a plain t-shirt, a plain pair of jeans, a plain hat, some plain shoes (or anything else plain you can think of!) and start gluing on as many studs as you want. Not into doing it yourself or simply just don't have the time? No need to worry; I have found some items for you that come with the studs attached.

Studded Bangle Watch, $16.99,

Pyramid-Stud Tank, $14.99, available in sizes S-XL,

Studded Tank, $19.99, available in sizes S-XL,

AE Gold Stud Bangle, $9.95,

Studded Bustier Dress, $16.99, available in sizes 0-3,

Studded Paisley Tote, $22.99,

Studded Top, $19.99, available in sizes S-L,

Studde Strappy Platforms, $34.99, available in sizes 5 1/2- 10,

Black Studded Belt, $10.00,

Star Earrings, $8.50,

Studded Silk Choker, $9.95, shown in pink; also available in mustard, olive, hunter, and ivory,

Studded Legwarmer, $19.95,

Studded Starlight Case, $19.95, shown in tomato; also available in washed black, taupe, and aqua,

Lip Service Teal Acid Wash Denim Skirt, $15.98, available in sizes XS-XXL,

Abbey Dawn Studded Denim Miniskirt, $28.60, available in sizes 1-13,

Abbey Dawn Studded Skinny Jeans, $31.20, available in sizes 1-13,

Chain W/Ring Studs Snake, $18.00, shown in brown; also available in natural,

One Shoulder Stud, $24.00, available in sizes M and L,

Rib Tank Matte Studs, $16.00, available in sizes M and L,

Zebra Print Studded Tank, $16.00, available in sizes S-L,

Bongo Skinny Dark Tint Jean, $14.99, available in sizes 1,3, 5, and 13,

LL Cool J Studded Military, $10.00,

Pyramid Rocker Belt, $12.50, available in sizes S-L,

Pyramid Stud Strap Heel, $24.50, available in sizes 6-10,

XO Studded Tank in jade, $21.99, available in sizes Small-Large,

XO Studded Tank in white, $21.99, available in sizes Small-Large,

Mina Studded Tunic, $19.80, shown in magenta; also available in royal, sizes Small-Large,

To get a rock star chic look, grab a pair of studded jeans or a studded miniskirt (or plain jeans or a plain miniskirt with a studded belt), a rock & roll graphic t-shirt, and some high heeled shoes. To add some tough edge to a bohemian look, wear a maxi dress with a studded oversized handbag. To spice up a western inspired look, grab a button-down shirt, a denim skirt, some slouch boots, a cowboy or straw hat, and add some studded jewelry. To spice up a casual everyday look, just wear a simple pair of jeans, a plain t-shirt and/or a cardigan sweater, and add some studded shoes. To simply toughen up a feminine look, wear a studded tunic top and pair it with some leggings or skinny jeans. I hope you find my tips on how to wear studs useful. Let me know if you can think of any other ways to wear studs or if you see any more studded items you would like me to post. Also, tell me if you'd like me to feature any of your crafts. E-mail me at or send me a message on myspace.


Cursed♪♫ said...

I love those white sunglasses !!! :)
Glad you liked my post! Do come back!!! You're a very sweet girl :D
Take care!!

Tara said...

Thank you! I'm glad you liked the sunglasses. You're very sweet too. :D I will definitely keep reading your poems. I'll talk to you soon! :)

Cursed♪♫ said...

Hey!! :) Waiting for your next post :)

Tara said...

I'm working on my next post right now. :)