Friday, July 24, 2009

Summertime Blues

While purple was the hot color for the Winter of 2008, blue has taken over for the Summer of 2009. Although purple still remains my favorite color, I do think blue is also a very nice color and it looks good on just about everybody. Blue is a lot like black in that respect. Only blue actually has one advantage over black. While black is slimming and flattering on all body types, if you have a pale complexion like I do, it has a tendency to wash you out and make you look even paler. Blue looks good with all skin tones. If you're fair-skinned and find that darker shades of blue wash you out the same way that black does, you can always opt for a lighter shade. You really can't go wrong this season because whether you go with cobalt, turquoise, royal, aqua, midnight, etc., all shades of blue are in right now. Take a look at my finds below to see different variations of blue.

Aviator Sunglasses, $5.99,

Heart Stone Ring, $4.00, available in sizes 7 and 8,

Ombre Metallic Scarf, $8.99,

Twisted Strap Top, $16.99, available in sizes S-L,

Hawaiian Dolphin Shorts, $16.99, available in sizes 1-13,

Patina Flower Hoop Earrings, $4.00,

Ruffle Halter Top, $17.99, available in sizes S-L,

Stackable Rhinestone Bangles, $4.00,

Stretch Bracelet, $18.00,

axcess Silver-tone Bead Pendant, $16.08,

Derek Heart Maci Floral Skirt, $13.99, available in sizes Large and X Large,

Eyelash Ribbed Tee Set, $13.99, available in sizes Small-X Large,

Derek Heart "Sunset Beach" Fleece Shorts, $7.99, available in sizes Small-X Large,

Energie Tiered Halter Maxi Dress, $14.99, available in sizes Small-Large,

Juniors' Mossimo Supply Co. Braided Tank, $19.99, available in sizes X-Small-XX-Large,

Juniors' Mossimo Supply Co. Pocket Skirt, $10.00, available in sizes X -Small-XX-Large,

Juniors' Xhilaration Eyelet Front Tank, $14.99, available in sizes X-Small-XX-Large,

Merona Rouched Flap, $10.49,

Xhilaration Print Hobo Bag, $10.00,

Juniors' Xhilaration 17" Leggings, $4.18, available in sizes X-Small-Medium,

Juniors' Xhilaration Tiered Tank, $12.99, available in sizes X-Small-XX-Large,

Xhilaration Polka Swim Top, $14.00, available in sizes Small-X-Large,

Xhilaration Gossip Swim Bottom, $14.00, available in sizes Small-X-Large,

Xhilaration Large Bow Headband, $7.99,

Double-Band Headband, $7.99,

2 Tone Lashes, $9.50,

Aspiring Blue Mascara, $6.00,

Asymmetric Cold Shoulder Tunic, $17.50, available in sizes XS-XL,

Bashing Blue Eye Liner, $3.00,

Bashing Blue Nail Polish, $2.50,

Buckle Trim Tube Top, $17.50, available in sizes XS-XL,

Elastic Back Halter Top, $5.99, available in sizes XS-XL,

Midnight Blue Extensions, $5.50,

One Shoulder Top, $17.50, available in sizes XS-XL,

Royalty Blue Eye Shadow, $3.50,

Siren Duo Eye Shadow, $4.00,

Siren Turquoise Extensions, $5.50,

Stone Strap Top, $18.50, available in sizes S-L,

Wicked Turq Loose Shadow, $3.50,

Winged Skull Tee, $9.90, available in sizes XS-XL,

Another nice thing about blue is the fact it's such a calming color. Blue represents tranquility, so wearing it just gives you a serene feeling. It should also help those around you feel more relaxed. This makes blue the perfect Summer color because Summer vacation is all about feeling calm and relaxed. If you would like me to write about any other fun Summer colors, e-mail me at or send me a message on myspace.


Dibsy said...

Blue FTW! :D

What were the fashion fads at your school last year?

Tara said...

I think almost everyone likes the color blue. I know it's my favorite; after purple and pink, of course. :)

Some fashion trends that other students at my school sported last year included neon (really bright colors), colored jeans, plaid, Rock & Roll graphics, shine, environmentally-friendly clothing and accessories (part of the "going green" trend), peace symbols, smiley faces, scarves, and skulls. In fact, I even blogged about all those trends trends last. Well ok, I never wrote an article about scarves specifically. However, I did feature scarves in many of my blog post.

What's cool is that most of those trends are still in style this year (even if they're not as big this time around). You might want to take a look at some of my posts from the year 2008 to see more trends that were hot last year.

Little Red said...

Nice post! I'm loving all the blue. It's one of my favorite colors to wear!

Tara said...

Hi Little Red! Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog. Blue is one of my favorite colors to wear too. :)

Dibsy said...

Hmmm. ^^ Neon? Hrrrg. D: My shirts are graphic but they're usually dark. This is what happens when I shop while PMSing. D: