Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bow And Headband

Around this time last year, I wrote about how trendy bows were. I also wrote about bow necklaces during the summer of this year. Since it's the holiday season, these trends are perfect for right now. Bows are used for everything from wrapping presents to decorating your house during the holidays. Statement headbands inspired by Gossip Girl (like flower and feather headbands) are also still very much in style. So whats the perfect combination of bows and statement headbands? The bow headband! You may have seen me refer to this trend in previous posts. Bow headbands have been trendy for quite some time now, but I never really got a chance to write specifically about them. They don't appear to be going out of style any time soon though, and as stated above, they're perfect for the holidays. Plus, they would also make a great present for any girl in your life that you need to get a gift for. So take a look the adorable headbands I found below.

Vintage Velvet Bow Headband, $12,00, ahown in red; also available in purple and neutral,

Changing Spots Headband, $28.00,

Musee Headband, $28.00,

Fit-To-Be-Tied Headband, $38.00,

Wide Bow Headband, $4.99, shown in gray; also available in black,

Bow & Brooch Headband, $49.00, shown in black; also available in ivory,

Sparkle Bow Headband, $29.00, shown in silver; also available in black,

Juicy Couture Black Headband with Bow and Heart Charm, $40.00,

Zipper Bow Tie Headband, $3.99,

Oversized Bow Tie Headband, $3.99,

Feathered Satin Bow Headband, $4.80,

Metallic Headwrap, $3.80, shown in silver; also available in black,

Party Bow Headband, $3.80,

Satin Covered Bow Headband, $4.80,

Satin Houndstooth Bow Headband, $4.80,

Satin Polka Dot Headband, $4.80,

Sequined Denim Headband, $3.80,

Sherry Satin Bow Headband, $4.80,

Studded Bow Headband, $3.80,

Thin Bow Satin Headband, $3.80, shown in purple; also available in charcoal, red, and navy,

Velvet Chain Headband, $5.80, shown in magenta; also available in black, grey, and teal,

Sequin Bow Headband, $4.80, shown in black; also available in silver,

Satin Animal Print Headband, $3.80, shown in pink; also available in khaki,

Neon Green And Black Bow Headband, $10.00,

Neon Pink And Blackk Bow Headband, $10.00,

Candie's Leopard Bow Headband, $5.99, shown in brown; also available in gray,

Finishing School Headband in Amethyst, $14.99,

Finishing School Headband in Sea-Breeze Stripe, $14.00,

Style Celebration Headband, $13.99,

To No A-Veil Headband, $62.99,

LuLu Satin Cheetah Headband, $3.98,

LuLu Satin Headband with Satin Polka Dot Bow, $5.98,

LuLu Satin Headband with Sheer Polka Dot Bow, $5.98,

Triple Bow Headband, $16.50, shown borealis; also available in black and red lacquer,

Xhilaration Bow Headband, $7.99,

Full Tilt Mesh Bow Headband, $4.99,

Full Tilt Sequin Bow Headband, $4.99,

Sequin Bow Headband, $6.00,

Lace Bow Headband, $6.00,

To get a vintage vibe, wear one of these cute headbands with an off-the-shoulder dress, some lace tights, faux pearl jewelry, and ballet flats. To channel Blair Waldorf (played by Leighton Meester) on Gossip Girl, pair a bow headband with a white button-down blouse, a black pencil skirt, some tights, pumps, and a bright colored handbag. For a wedding, dance, or prom, style your hair in a tight bun or ponytail and slide the headband on afterwards. You can also style your hair in loose curls or soft waves and then put on the headband. To get a Victorian-inspired look, wear a bow headband with a silk ruffled top, a lace skirt, a pair of pumps, and a fringe purse. For a holiday party, pair your bow headband with a sequin dress, metallic leggings, stillettos, and some chandelier earrings. If you're planning next year's Halloween costume, you can go as Alice In Wonderland by pairing a black bow headband with a blue and white peasant dress, some white tights, and black flat shoes. You can also go as Minnie Mouse by wearing red bow headband with a red polka dot dress, white ruffled socks, and yellow flats. For a fun DIY project, grab a plain headband and a bow (maybe you have an extra one that you were going to hang up lying around). Glue the bow onto the headband with some fabric glue. Add rhinestones, studs, jewels, pearls, feathers, flowers, or glitter onto the headband if desired. If you have any more suggestions, let me know. Happy holidays!


Rachel said...

Loving these bow headbands! It's very Blair Waldorf!

Anonymous said...

I love the satin ones! you picked such awesome ones!

Tara said...

Rachel: I'm glad you like the bow headbands. I think Blair Waldorf would definitely wear some these! I absolutely love her style (almost as much as I love Leighton Meester's style in real life)!

MissNeira: Hi MissNeira! Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog. I'm glad you liked the satin headbands I found.

Tammy said...

love the wonderful handbag.
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