Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hot Halloween Costumes

Last year, I wrote an article about Halloween costumes. I didn't feature just any old Halloween costumes though; I posted costumes that fit in with last year's fashion trends. I'm going to be doing the exact same thing this year. The only difference is that these are fresh, new costumes that fit in with this year's trends. Some of them are trends that I've already written about (polka dots, peasant tops, faux fur, rompers) and some are fashion trends that you can look forward to me writing about in the future (you might want to take a look at this post as a hint on what's to come). Take a look at my Halloween costume finds!

Pirate, $19.99, available in sizes S-L,

Referee, $19.99, available in sizes S-L,

Apple Dumplin', $44.99,

Blueberry Muffin, $44.99,

Country Girl, $49.99, available in sizes S/M and M/L,

Eskimo Cutie, $49.99, available in sizes J0-1-J7-9,

Troop 10/31, $44.99, available in sizes Small-Large,

Fashion Police, $49.99, available in sizes Small-Large,

Disco Dolly, $29.99,

Fairy-tale Princess Costume, $44.99, available in sizes S/M and M/L,

Honey Bear, $39.99, available in sizes Large and X Large,

Lemon Meringue, $44.99,

Magic Mushroom Alice, $44.99, available in sizes S/M and M/L,

Dragon Miss, $29.99,

Rockin' Roses Witch, $39.99, sizes J0-1-J7-9,

Native Princess, $34.99,

Pam Perdbrat, $44.99, available in sizes J0-1-J7-9,

Barbed Wire Witch, $29.99, available in sizes Small and Medium,

Classic Treasure Pirate, $44.99,

Gothic Mummy, $29.99, available in sizes Small and Medium,

Honey Bee, $29.99, available in sizes Small-Large,

Jewel of the Sea, $34.99, available in sizes Small-Large,

Kandy Korn, $49.99, available in sizes Small/Medium-Extra Large,

Little Miss Mouse, $34.99,

Lovely Ladybug, $29.99, available in sizes Small-Large,

Punk Rocker, $49.99, available in sizes Small/Medium-Extra Large,

Raggedy Anne, $49.99, available in sizes Small/Medium-Extra Large,

Robin, $49.99,

Sailor, $44.99, available in sizes Small/Medium and Medium/Large,

Siberian Tigress, $24.99,

Supergirl, $49.99,

The Flintstones Pebbles, $34.99,

The Flintstones Wilma, $46.99,

The Muppet Show Miss Piggy, $39.99,

Vampirina, $29.99, available in sizes Small-Large,

Watchmen Silk Spectre, $49.99,

Wizard of Oz Cowardly Lion, $49.99, available in sizes Small and Medium,

Wizard of Oz Scarecrow, $49.99, available in sizes Small and Medium,

Wizard of Oz Tin Girl, $49.99,

Magic Alice, $45.50, available in sizes S-XL,

Queen Of Hearts, $45.50, available in sizes S-XL,

French Maid, $45.00, available in sizes S-XL,

Pink Bunny, $19.50, available in sizes M and L,

Referee, $19.50, available in sizes M and L,

Warrior, $65.00, available in sizes S-L,

Sexy Nurse, $35.00, available in sizes M/L and XL,

Race Car Girl, $29.50, available in sizes S-XL,

Sailor, $45.50, available in sizes S-XL,

2 Piece Cop Costume, $34.50, available in sizes S-XL,

Knock Out Girl, $50.00, available in sizes S/M and M/L,

Batman Batgirl Costume Set, $59.99, available in sizes XS-MD,

Ghostbusters Uniform, $59.99, available in sizes XS-MD,

Leopard Dress, $39.99, available in sizes XS-XL,

Miss Krueger, $59.99, available in sizes XS-MD,

Rainbow Girl, $59.99, available in sizes XS-MD,

T3n Th1rty One Candy Striper Dress, $39.99, available in sizes XS-XL,

T3n Th1rty One Fortune Teller, $49.99, available in sizes XS-XL,

T3n Th1rty One Little Red Riding Hood Dress and Cape, $54.99, available in sizes XS-XL,

T3n Th1ry One Saloon Girl Dress, $49.99, available in sizes XS-XL,

T3n Th1rty One Tea Party Hostess, $54.99, available in sizes XS-XL,

If you're going trick-or-treating this Halloween, wearing one of the costumes I found is guaranteed make you the most stylish trick-or-treater on your block (or at the mall if you trick-or-treat there). If you're going to a party this Halloween, all eyes will be on you as soon as you arrive in one of these costumes. You'll also, no doubt, be the talk of the party. Strapped for cash? Then you can make your own costume! You can re-create the costumes I posted above with stuff from your own closet. You can also go to a thrift shop or fabric store to help assist you in making your costume. If you have any ideas for Halloween costumes that you don't see here, let me know. Happy Halloween!


Remy Ma said...

Hmmmmm weird. Ive never seen anyonne at my school whering any of these costumes in my school

Dibsy said...

Awww crap all the models are hot and have boobs. (---> boobless) D:

Oh wellz. I'm just gonna get my blond wig and a white dress and I'm MArilyn Monroe. :D

Dibsy said...

Remy MA: Of courssse you're in elementary school... :o

Tara said...

Remy Ma: Dibsy is right. The reason you haven't seen these costumes at your school is because of the age group. The costumes I posted are mostly meant for teenagers or young adults. Although I'm suprised you haven't seen any supergirl/superman or batgirl/batman costumes. I see a lot of kids around my neighborhood wearing those every year.

Dibsy: These costumes all come in different sizes so you probably can find one that fits you. It's just that the models happen to not be your size. I understand how you feel though. I'll often see models on websites or in catalogs wearing a nice skirt, dress, or pair of pants/jeans. Then I'll try them on and they don't look good on me because it turns out that the model was way taller than I am (I'm only 5'2 and I'm guessing most of the models are between 5'7-5'11). Unfair, isn't it? They really need to start using models that look more like real people.

The costume you will be going with sounds cool though. Marilyn Monroe is a great costume choice! I don't really plan on dressing up this year unless I get invited to a Halloween party. I believe that everyday should be Halloween anyway. :)

gleenn said...

hey Tara, how could you find time to searcch for all these lovies? They're all fantastic finds. :)

I'll take the raggedy Anne :)

Tara said...

It's not easy, but I always try to make some time for my fashion blog between my schoolwork. I love writing these articles and searching for pictures to put in my blog, so it's worth all the work to me. Plus, it's fun to talk to and check out the blogs of all the cool people who leave me comments. :)

I agree, the Raggedy Anne costume is so cute. :)

Little Red said...

Great post! I have no idea what I'm going to be for Halloween this year. This post is definitely giving me some ideas!

I actually had no idea Kohl's sold so many Halloween costume! The one from Kohl's that is supposed to be a country girl, actually reminds me of Strawberry Shortcake. Haha!

Tara said...

I'm glad this post is giving you some ideas for Halloween.

I actually wasn't aware that Kohl's sold Halloween costumes at all (I didn't feature anything from Kohl's in last year's post), until I was on the website looking for pictures for another blog article. Then I saw that there were costumes available under the juniors section. Of course I had to check it out right away! It looks like the costumes from Kohl's are only available online though.

I can see how the country girl costume reminds you of Strawberry Shortcake! Especially with the Apple Dumplin', Blueberry Muffin, and Lemon Meringue costumes I posted. Actually, there was a Strawberry Shortcake costume on Kohl's website. However, I decided not to bother showing it because there was only one size left and it looked like it was going to sell out soon.

Remy Ma said...

Hey Tara. How do I make a blogg roll

Tara said...

Go to and click "Layout". Then click where it says "Add a Gadget". When you click that, another window should pop up. Scroll down in the new window and look for where it says "Blog List". Click on "Blog List". Then click "Add a blog to your list". Another window will pop up. Just enter the URL of the blog you want to add in the text box and click "ADD". Then click "SAVE" when you're done. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have trouble or if you have any more questions.

Cursed♪♫ said...

Thanks for your comment. Loosing someone precious is indeed very hard to get over with. I've posted something new this time. Do check it out.
Take Care :)

Tara said...

No problem. :)

That is so true. I've lost a lot people I've cared about in my life. While coping with the loss does get easier over time, you never really stop missing the person. You just learn to accept that they're gone and move on with your life. But that takes time and is very difficult to deal with. And something is always bound to remind you of them from time to time.

I just saw your latest post with all your pictures. Very nice! :)

party supplies said...

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Hot Tubs said...

I love the red riding hood costume!