Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Punk Princess

At the request of Dibsy, I am going to write an article about punk/princess styles of fashion. This trend is definitely very big right now. You can find this look all over various clothing stores, in fashion magazines everywhere, and on many different celebrities. One of the best examples of a celebrity who is always rocking this look is, of course, Avril Lavigne. She has even launched her own clothing line called Abbey Dawn, currently available at Kohls. This brand has many different styles of "punk princess" fashions so I definitely recommend heading down to the nearest Kohls to check it out. I also would suggest the brand Pink Cookie, which is currently available at Sears. You might want to take a look in your nearest Hot Topic as well. Styles that go along with this type of fashion include feminine-looking skulls, animal prints, plaid, tattoo designs, and pairing pink and black or red and black together. Basically you want to go for items that look tough, yet still girly and sweet. I will now feature some of these styles below.

Pink Camo, $19.99, available in sizes S and M,

Punk Collage, $10.00, available in sizes S-L,

Paper Clip & Star Dangles, $6.00,

Pink Hair, $5.50,

Abbey Dawn Checkered Hooded Sweater, $30.80, available in sizes Small-X Large,

Abbey Dawn Raglan Drum Tee, $19.60, available in sizes Small-X Large,

Abbey Dawn Ribbed Star Tank, $16.80, available in sizes Small-X Large,

Abbey Dawn "Rock 'N Roll" Burnout Tee, $16.80, available in sizes Small-X Large,

Abbey Dawn Sequin Vest Tee, $16.80, available in sizes Small-X Large,

Abbey Dawn Skull & Crossbones Hoodie, $28.00, available in sizes Small-X Large,

Abbey Dawn Union Jack Fleece Pants, $33.60, available in sizes Small-X Large,

DKNY Jeans Punk Short-Sleeve Tee, $19.50, available in sizes S-L,

Red by Marc Ecko "Crocodile Rocks" Bifold Wallet, $38.00, shown in cognac; also available in black and chocolate,

Red by Marc Ecko "Crocodile Rocks" Trifold Wallet, $42.00, shown in black; also available in chocolate and cognac,

Red by Marc Ecko "Crocodile Rocks" Wristlet, $42.00, shown in cognac; also available in black and chocolate,

Death Glory Skulls, $48.74, available in sizes 5-10,

Skull/Rose Sneaker, $48.74, available in sizes 6-10,

Skull Bow Heart Chain, $7.00,

Solid Blouse Zebra Tie, $14.99, available in sizes S-XL,

Pink Cookie 3 Skulls with 3 Chains Bracelet, $7.20, (I own this bracelet and always get tons of compliments whenever I wear it!)

Pink Cookie Amore Minibag, $24.00,

Pink Cookie Cuff Floral with Skull and Bow Etching Bracelet, $7.20,

Pink Cookie Cuff Ladder with Skull & Snaps Bracelet, $7.20,

Pink Cookie Cuff Temptress Bracelet, $7.20,

Pink Cookie Falling Skull Military, $10.80,

Pink Cookie Forever Wild Military, $18.00,

Pink Cookie Leopard and Skull Baseball, $10.80, (I own this hat and wore it to school today)

Reversible Heart Skull Scarf, $4.99, shown in pink; also available in black/white,

Skulls & Stars Card Case, $9.50, shown in fuchsia; also available in black,

Iron Fist Anti-Lover Heels, $29.99, available in sizes 6-11,

Purple Plaid Skull Tank, $12.98, available in sizes XS-XXL,

Tripp Black and Red Skull Skinny Jeans, $39.00, available in sizes 0-11,

Tripp Black and White Skull Print Dress, $36.00, available in sizes XS-LG,

Tripp Skull and Lace Layered Skirt, $32.00, available in sizes XS-LG,

For more ideas about what kind of clothes you can wear to be a punk princess, check out some of my other blog entries about similar styles. Articles I suggest browsing through for ideas are Mad About Plaid, Houndstooth and Gingham and Checks, Oh My!, It's Still Rock And Roll To Me, Animal Instincts, and Reptile Instincts. You can look through some of my other posts too because they may contain an item that fits with this category. Once again, the credit goes to Dibsy for suggesting this article. If there are any articles anyone else would like to request, e-mail me at or send me a message on myspace.


Dibsy said...

OMg thank you so much!!!! XD

Don't we all lurve Avril Lavinge?/ XD

Tara said...

You're welcome. Glad you liked it. :) I am seriously loving a lot of the stuff in Avril Lavinge's Abbey Dawn line. I'm going to have to head down to Kohls soon so I can check it out in person and hopefully buy something.

Dibsy said...

What d'you want for Christmas? (I want a wig.)

Tara said...

New clothes! :D I don't celebrate Christmas though.

Workout Warehouse said...

I never thought I would say this, but those skulls are cute!