Friday, December 5, 2008


With winter coming later this month, you need to bundle up. If it gets as cold where you live as it does here in NY, you'll need to bundle up in the full works. This means not just coats, but also scarves, gloves, and of course; hats! One of the trendiest hats around right now is the fedora hat; Fedora hats happen to go along with many of this season's trends including the menswear-inspired look, rock & roll, and punk princess. These hats are also great for a 1940's Hollywood-dectective or Hollywood-gangster feel (a costume idea to think about for next Halloween!). I personally love fedoras myself and have a growing collection of them. They are extremely stylish and will keep your head warm during the winter at the same time. I will now show you some adorable fedora hats below.

Tweed Fedora, $41.30, available in sizes S/M and M/L,
Lauren Ralph Lauren Women's Wide Wale Corduroy Fedora, $33.60, shown in black; also available in autumn and light camel,

Argyle Fedora, $14.99,

Belted Fedora, $12.99,

Cable Knit Fedora, $12.99,

Feather Fedora, $12.99,

Herringbone Tweed Fedora, $14.99,

Plaid Tweed Fedora, $12.99,

Bow Trim Wool Fedora, $16.80, shown in light grey; also available in black,

Fabulous Fedora, $5.50,

Fab Wool Fedora, $7.50, shown in magenta; also available in black, grey, and cream,

Feather Fedora, $14.80,

Gingham Fedora, $10.80, shown in purple; also available in cream, red, and teal,

Neon Trim Fedora, $10.80,

Pinstripe Fedora, $9.80, shown in charcoal; also available in black,

Safari Trim Fedora, $12.80,

Savannah Trim Fedora, $12.80,

Flannel Jack Fedora, $19.95,

Trilby Hat, $58.00,

Mohair Fedora, $24.50, shown in true black; also available in dove white, sizes S/M and M/L,

Knit Wool Fedora, $14.00,

Straw Fedora, $10.49, shown in natural; also available in coffee,

Felt Short Brim Fedora, $16.99, shown in taupechoco; also available in gryblack,

Wool Fedora, $34.00, shown in wine; also available in heather grey and coffee,

Buffalo Plaid Fedora Hat, $12.50, shown in black/red; also available in black/white,

Faux Suede Fedora Hat, $12.50,

Feather Fedora Hat, $14.50,

Pinstripe Fedora Hat, $12.50,

Solid Banded Fedora Hat, $12.50, shown in fuschia; also available in black,

Spice Dye Knit Fedora Hat, $14.50,

Tweed Fedora Hat, $12.50, shown in black; also available in brown,

If there are any more styles of these fabulous hats that you don't see in this article, let me know. E-mail me at or send me a message on myspace. I'm still looking for more fedoras to add to my collection!


JPack said...

Amazing...every day my boss wears a fedora and I don't say how great it looks, but I love it and secretly (now notsosecretly) want to get one

Tara said...

Hi JPack! Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog. I'm glad you've decided to give fedoras a try. I know it will look great!

jose rivera said...

Hey there i love fedoras an love the ones u've shown bu i need help lookin for a specific one.white, black pinstripe, with a matchin feather, can u help?