Sunday, November 30, 2008

Biker Babe

With the cold weather we're having right now and winter coming up on December 21st, you can't be outside without some kind of jacket. Of course, you want the clothes you wear outdoors to be just as stylish as the clothes you wear indoors; so how about putting on a cool motorcycle jacket to help you get through the season? This style of jacket was very popular during the 1950's and 1960's. It was most notably worn by the character Fonzie on Happy Days and by various characters in the Grease movie; It also made a comeback during the 1990's. Now it has made another comeback in 2008. I will be featuring some fabulous motorcycle jackets I found online in this post.

Side-Zip Motorcycle Jacket, $55.60, available in sizes S-XL,

Quotation: Women's Motorcycle Jacket, $63.60, available in sizes small-large,

Corey Denim Jacket, $54.50, available in sizes extra small-extra large,

Motorcycle Fleece Jacket, $44.50, shown in heather gray; also available in black, sizes extra small- extra large,

Tripp Black Motorcycle Jacket, $46.00, available in sizes md-xxl,

Crop PU Motorcycle Jacket, $49.99, available in sizes S-XL,

Motorcycle Jacket, $20.99, available in sizes M-XL,

Motorcycle Zipper Jacket, $28.00, shown in hematite; also available in black, sizes S-L,

Sleeveless Zipper Front Motorcycle Jacket, $54.00, available in sizes small-large,

GO International Moto Sweater Ebony, $24.49, available in sizes X-Small-X-Large,

All For Moto Reversible Hoodie, $64.00, available is sizes sml-lrg,

Context Motorcycle Sweater Jacket, $61.44, available in sizes x-small-large,

DKNY Motorcycle Trenchcoat, $57.49, available in sizes x-small-x-large,

While these types of jackets may not be practical when the snow starts coming down, they should be fine for now. You can also wear them again when the weather starts to warm up around March. However, you probably can get away with a motorcycle jacket in January/February if you live in an area with a warm climate that doesn't get too much (if any) snow. I just know that this style of jacket wouldn't really work for me in the winter with the frigid weather we tend to get here in New York. If you have any suggestions for some stylish outerwear that you can wear on the freezing winter days to come, let me know. E-mail me at or send me a message on myspace.


Dibsy said...

Weeee cozy fuzzy warmy jackets!! XD

Tara said...

Unfortunately, motorcycle jackets aren't warm enough to wear during the freezing winter days in NY. I will look into getting one to wear during the spring though. :)

Atif said...

fantastic collection of jackets they look amazing and lovely photos.I really like brown leather jackets.

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