Friday, June 6, 2008

Keeping The Peace

The peace symbol that was extremely popular during the 1960's and 1970's has made a huge comeback in 2008. This may be due to the fact that the peace symbol celebrated its 50th anniversary this year. Well, for whatever the reason, the peace sign is everywhere in fashion right now. The peace sign is a perfect way to symbolize the upcoming summer season since woodstock also took place during the summer in 1969. Here are some styles to help represent the freedom that the summer brings:

Peace Sign Cuff, $4.00,

Peace Sign Tee, $10.00, available in sizes M and L,

Silver Peace Chain, $6.50,

Peace Scarf, $9.90, shown in purple, also available in blue, navy, teal, and magenta,

Peace Symbol Hat, $9.80,

Peace Symbol Wallet, $9.90,

Americana Peace Vintage Tank, $9.99, available in sizes X-Small-XX-Large,

Butterfly Peace Vintage Tee, $9.99, available in sizes X-Small-XX-Large,

Peace Signs Vintage Tee, $9.99, available in sizes X-Small, Small, and Large,

Epoxy Peace Necklace, $7.00, shown in yellow; also available in white, black, and fucshia,

Epoxy Peace Sign Earring, $4.50, shown in yellow; also available in white, black, and fuschia,

Heart Peace Suede Bracelet, $4.00, shown in yellow; also availale in white,

Peace Buckle Belt, $7.50, shown in fuchsia; also available in yellow and white, sizes S-L,

Peace Canvas Tote, $16.50,

Peace Sign Tee, $10.50, available in sizes XS-XL,

Wood Peace Sign Necklace, $7.00, shown in deep olive; also available in brown,

I hope these finds are enough to get you set to have a peaceful summer. If not, let me know if you find any more peace symbol fashions yourself. E-mail me at or send me a message on myspace. You can also suggest other trends from the 1960's or 70's that you would like to see in my blog. Peace out!


Manga Dork said...

i love all the stuff you put on here they are super cute!!

Tara said...

I'm glad you like all the items I picked out. Thank you for reading and commenting. :)

Corri said...

Very Cute!! I Love the peace theme. I actually just bought a bracelet like the yellow peace\heart one when I was at the beach this weekend!

G r a c i ɛ ...♡ said...

Wow I LOVE that scarf from f21! (And the wallet, he he).

Nice Blog! <3