Friday, January 23, 2009

Elite Fashions Close Out Sale

Today I took a trip to the Westfield Sunrise mall in Massapequa, NY. As I was walking around the mall, a store called Elite Fashions caught my eye. Imagine my surprise when I realized my newly discovered store was having a close out sale. While the markdown prices weren't exactly super cheap like some other stores that have been closing down, I did manage to get a cute top with a tattoo design for only $12.99 (no picture available, sorry). I figured I might as well buy something from there before the store is completely gone. For anyone wondering what Elite Fashions is like, the style of clothing reminded me a little bit of Hot Topic but the store itself seemed to have a softer feel to it. I would say it's maybe a cross between Hot Topic and Forever 21. Anyway, anybody living on Long Island who's interested in checking out this store should head out to Westfield Sunrise soon before it closes down. I don't know if Elite Fashions exists anywhere besides Westfield Sunrise since the store doesn't really have an official website, but it might be worth looking into. While I was out there, I also discovered another store called Tinkerbell (keep in mind, I rarely ever go to this mall as it is about thirty minutes away from where I live). This store is similar to Claire's or Icing. It is filled with a lot of cute jewelry and accessories. While I don't believe this store is closing down anytime soon, they still had some pretty awesome sales. There was a "Buy 2 Get 2 free" deal on the earrings and the two earrings that had to be paid for were on $2.99 each. I, of course, was unable to resist this deal. Again, I don't know if there are any other Tinkerbell stores besides the one in Westfield Sunrise, but I thought others might be interested in looking into this store too. So overall, I would say traveling out to Massapequa was definitely worth it and I hope to visit this mall again soon. I hope other Long Islanders and New Yorkers found this post helpful. Even you don't live in NY, I hope this info is still useful in case you ever visit this area. To make up for not having any pictures from Elite Fashions or Tinkerbell, I will post a picture of the new hat I bought from Wet Seal today and give some shopping information about it (though sadly the beret I bought from there still isn't available on the site). I plan to wear this hat tomorrow so let me know what you think of it!

Houndstooth Military Cap, $9.50, shown in teal; also available in brown,